Is it Possible...


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Apr 15, 2007
...To clean the carb while it's still hooked up? Yeah I am being lazy, and yeah I hate working on it in the cold. 50 to me is cold. now if it was 80 I wouldn't have a problem...
i don't think so why don't u try it and see or do it the unlazy way? besides wrecking something doing it like that
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No, just take it off. If you can even figure out a way to do it sucessfully, it'll still be quicker and more effective to just take the thing off. You shouldn't need to take off the throttle cable, just the fuel line and pop it off at the airbox tube and intake manifold.
well, you can do a half clean. People do it all the time when changing jets.

simply loosein the two clamps, then rotate the carb so you can get at the bowl. Take off the main jet and hit the whole thing with some carb cleaner. thats the lazy mans way to do it.

And cold is no excuse, lol. I rebuilt mine nurmerous times this winter when it was like 20deg in my garage....