i think its time for a rebuild?


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Aug 14, 2007
I was fixing my idle becuase the tors is all messed up so i thought i would make a throttle stop inside the throttle housing. It was idling regular in the beginning and then idled really high for about 10 seconds. Now when i start it it bogs and then i let off a little and hold the throttle at idle speed there is some bad clunking in the head?

what is the problem do you think?

Is it hard to rebuild it? What would i all need to buy?
well if there is clunking in the head, then i think it might be too late for anything cheap, micht be a bad wrist pin but u better give it a good rebuild and not run it til you do
oh i almost forgot, you will need a piston more than likely, rings, wrist pin and bearing from what it sounds like, remove your top end and check everything usually the basic rebuils consists of new piston and rings
hmm, you defenitely need to find the problem or it could cause major damage, i have seen motors where the owner chooses to inore noises and he would end up paying more than he could have if he looked for the problem
a friend of mine did that when he refused to use the clutch, ignore noises, and then end up buying a new engine
sounds like it
also if it hasnt been rebuilt yet, it most likely is time to do so

check on ebay for services
i was going to have mine bored, new pistons, rings, gaskets for 150
that is a pretty good deal considering a new piston, rings, and gaskets are 100 themselves