i just got back from prospecting


Nov 11, 2010
Fort Nelson B.C
we were at pack river bc.tons of old logging roads and lots of hills.we were camped by the bridge and behind our camp was a nice gravel pit with even more steep hills i rolled my poor blasty twice on myself but didnt get hurt(lucky).lol theres lots of mud holes.i had lots of fun.the fishing was good lots of lakes and to many pot holes on the road(some spots)
ever get the feeling before you climb a really steep hill(what did i get myself into now)?
Peace from BC
i do have a few pics of the moutains we passed.but nothing of the hills and mud holes.im planing on going back in the spring and ill make sure my camera stays with me.i forgot to mention if anyone ever goes there is to watch out for the silver tip grizzlys in the summer.i was there in the fall and i havnt seen any but i seen the sighns.ill upload pics of the pine pass here soon and of the pack river bridge where i was camped.i did have nice pics on my phone but the screen went white $%^&
but heres a few of my travels to pack river and mackenzie B.C

pine pass picture by Antec1200X - Photobucket

sunset picture by Antec1200X - Photobucket

Pack River picture by Antec1200X - Photobucket

Mackenzie B.C picture by Antec1200X - Photobucket

pack river bridge picture by Antec1200X - Photobucket
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