hydraulic brakes

Trenga's prices seem ridiculous. You shouldn't have to spend that much money for brakes that yamaha should have put on the thing from the factory in the first place. Ebay it. Get the banshee spindles, calipers, and rotors. (maybe about $150) Get ASR braided brake lines (about $70) and a yfz master cylinder (picked up the one on my warrior for $40). That blaster will stop 20 times quicker than it ever could with trenga's rear brake kit, and for less money. Front brakes are the important ones, and being the front blaster brakes are those 10 cent cable operated drums from the factory, that would be the first thing i'd be replacing if I got a blaster. back brakes just lock up right away and drag.
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You are paying more for looks then. Damn! Those brakes are flippin expensive! Just saw the price. YamaRider, you deserve some rep. -- here.
looking for suggestion

I have a 2000 blaster with trenga brakes on the rear and am wondering if the banshee brakes bolt right on. I just got this bike so it already had them on it. Dont want to spend an arm and a leg on an 800 dollar bike for good breaking action. Thanks for the help