Howdy all



My name is Ryan and I am new here and to the "ATV owner world". For years I have dreamed of one day owning an ATV, but I lived in the suburbs of Miami, and there was no elbow room to ride. Luckily I have recently moved to the boonies of Central Florida where I now have plenty of room to roam. I have done a few recons of this forum for misc. Blaster info and I have decided it may be time to join.

I have a 2002 Blaster that was purchased in Key largo for $600. It was not treated very kindly by its past owner. quite a few screws and such were missing and half the bolts were standard. Clutch disks and basket was frozen solid lol. I think they went through some water somewhere, rear caliper along with cable were frozen, broken clutch cable, throttle assembly grenaded, something is tweaked so that the front wheels are unaligned, no grab bar, tweaked skid plate, shot front bearings, and a broken TORS system, phew...

Over the summer my Dad helped me do a lot of work, but there are still some things to do before we will be satisfied

Yeah I guess I've said enough to introduce myself.


(Pictures soon)!
Woohoo! I took it out for a spin today. It started on the first kick every time. I just have front breaks though. tomorrow I'm going to adjust the front right wheel some, it's out of line with the other. of course both of them are out of line with the handle bars a tad >_<. Anyone have any suggestions for keeping a tire from leaking from in between the wheel? goo or something?
I always use that green slime stuff that has them lil black chunks of rubber in it, always worked great for me.