How To Remove Your TORS (88-02 models)


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Mar 26, 2007
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this DIY below is for TORS removal for model years 1988 - 2002 only
2003 - 2006 is here:

First things first. as well as myself are not responsible if you mess up yourself, your quad, or anyone/anything else. Im not a mechanic just someone that thinks he knows it all :) Do this at your own risk.

The TORS stands for Throttle Override System. The idea is that fuel flow to the carb will be shut off if the carb is stuck open. Then problem is it doesnt work and causes more problems than it is worth.

This is probably a 2 beer job. All you need is a philips screwdriver and something to cut wire with.

1. Remove your front plastic and unplug the TORS "brain". It is circled in red


2. This wire comes off of your carb and is part of your TORS. Disconnect it or cut it off at the carb, or both.

3. Next either cut this wire or take the 3 screw out of the top of the throttle box and take the switch out of the middle. Its only 4 screws so it should be easier to figure out. Once again circled in red

4. Disconnect the other end of the wire you just disconnected in picture 3.
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Why in the hell did Yamaha have to put in all of those wires? Thanks I'll probably do it in the morning. What are the problems I could run into?
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My bike has a total of 7 wires in all i basicaly wiped the whole wiring setup out, i even eliminated 1 stator coil wire cuz it wasn't needed.
Thanks for the write up...Ill do that today or tomorrow.
I have an after 03 blaster do I still have a TORS cus I can't find it if I do, Prev. Owner took it out?
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Ill give you a rep point for the write up and getting him to join
LOL! Nothing with a dropdown on here works. The Rep requires a little dropdown just like the username clicker, search and quick links. Hmmm...
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tors removal

I bought my wife a 2006 blaster and I'm putting a twist throttle on it for her.
I've got the stock throttle housing and the tors carb top removed and an aftermarket kit in place. When removing the stock setup, I disconnected the tors-carb-top wire harness and I disconnected the wire harness that went to the switch in the throttle housing. Do I need to jump each of these connectors or leave them 'open'?

I didnt see the tors 'brain' in the same spot as your atv in the how to. Does anyone know where its mounted on an 06? or is it built into the cdi box? I havent fully traced all the wires yet, but at first glance I've only seen the coil and cdi box attached to the wire harness.

You can leave the wires open. It bypasses anything that isnt connected.

Check your frame, it may be mounted somewhere different. Im not sure Ive never had the opportunity to work on a newer blaster.
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