how about a gear review section?

Good idea...

A 'Riding Accessories' review and recommendations area, which could go under "Marketplace". The idea may have better luck if it were posted in the "Forum Supporters" section. :)
I got a Fulmer helmet an it's extremely more comfortable then helmet i ever wore, but i guess you can't have comfort an cooling all in one it does have air vents keeps your from sweating but still is hot wearing it w/ goggles but if your not wearing goggles then it's really great
damit i've been meaning to get a new helmet, right now i have a grey and black raider helmet with googles. its an ok helmet, its a little bit heavy, even with googles it does not get hot becuz i'm going fast :-D
ohh the jerseys i wear are fox because they are thin, thor are my second choice they have padding for the elbow. my chest protector choice is shift.
for boots i don't have some right now but my choice would be alpinestars
A gear review sections seems to be a good idea and it will definitely be discussed/developed further in the "Forum Supporters" area.