honda three wheeler for 300 $$



so i just found an 84 3 wheeler for sale for only 300 dollars it runs but the carb needs cleaned or adjusted because it wont idle. but i think i might get it because they are going for like 600 around here and will be somthing to do while putting the good ol blaster together. what do you think.
they are also getting very rare in some states. its almost impossible to find a 250r for a good price here
ya its just an 84 honda 200s. its chain drive and smokes a bit but i got a spare engine and an electric start it real rough though but hi dont think i did all that bad
i have a 250r 3wheeler and quad lol 3wheeler sooo much more fun... u gotta watch goin fast and turning more than a little bit tho...thats why they are "forbidden..." dangerous, but fun as hell
Yeah i want to get a 250r 3 wheeler, but they are really hard to find around here. My friend has a frame without an engine, i think im gonna get it off him and put together one slowly. Ive only seen 1 running 250r before and it was the four wheeler version. It kicked all the banshees asses. Even the one with the 421 kit. I think he had some port work done to the 250r but that was it for engine work.
how much would you pay for a 250r 3wheeler rescently ported & polished, fresh rebuild, wiseco piston, and original plastics? i MIGHT be willing to sell it...idk tho.
Well you in pa and im in vt. So that would be kinda hard to get it here wouldn't it? I really cant say what i would pay without seeing it. I hate buying quads online, bad experiences. lol
ah im not good at putting pics... ill do it soon... and yeah... to vt is a long shot...nvm then lol shipping would probably be a biotch
Yeah id rather drive that far rather than pay the shipping. I drove to maine for my 01 and 97 that i bought on ebay. I got ripped off though. The 01 was suposed to just need rings, but it had a huge ass crack in the cases at the bottom.