Hey what's up



My name is Russ. I live in souther NJ and just bought my first four wheeler. Its a 96 Blaster pretty much stock. I love to do my own work to anything with a motor so I hope to pick up some tips here.
Thanks... Its alright I gotta repaint it used a crappy spray paint and it didnt stick to well other than that once I put a new rear brake on it ill be ready to go.
Best paint i ever used on paint is called Plasti-Kote it's like 5-7 dollars a can, wouldn't scratch off for nothin
I just picked up the Krylon fusion the other day actually. I just have to wait for a day not to humid so I can do it. Other than that I need to get some new front brake cables and find a caliper for the rear and Im ready to go.
K&N filter, oil injection block off...stock other than that. Im going to start to order some more parts in the next few weeks.