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Oct 16, 2007
I've been browsing around this forum for a while now and decided to register to say what's up. I've also found some useful tips on here. By the way here's some pics (nothing special).
when i first got it

recent (oil block kit, new black paint, new wheels/tires)
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thanks guys. yeah i cleaned it up a bit because i don't have much time to ride it anymore with college. So basically being stored for now while I continue to work on my car. you can actually see part of my brother's 04 in the 2nd pic as well.
lol mine will b covered after sunday im goin up to penn with my uncle

WHERE AT IN PENN????? I might magically show up beside you lol, if you dont know where to go, go to st. marys, --Silvercrick road ---or St. marys -- Sieker Road. We have a clan of riding people you should come!
honeslty yo, i have no idea, he jsut called up the other day n was like, im going riding in penn on sunday, u wana come, n im like yea. it might be by tower city idk if u know where that is
dude, nice quad...I really like the license plate...I'd strap one to mine if I could ride on the streets here in TX. Is that plate for the street?
thanks. yeah it's fully street legal, at least here in Montana. However I've only taken it out a few times on the streets.
yeah, I know the feeling...mine only touches pavement when it's absolutely necessary to get from one piece of dirt to the other. That's badass though, I'd have to definitely get me another set of wheels/tires for the street.