grab bar?


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Sep 3, 2007
dose any one ever ride wheelies on there grab bar? and if so whats it made out of because mine bends:(
steel, good ol' plain steel

one thing you can do is weld "angle iron" or L-channel steel to the inside to give it more structural integrity, or you could wle dit to the outside and angle the ends then put a piece of 1/4'' thick flat stock on there and make whats kalled a 12 o'clock bar, so you kan just pitch it up and let that biotch drag and shoot sparks
lol, i dont like to ride on the bar...cuz i bent mine a few times...that..and i gott watch around here, cuz u cant go very far with it up that high b/c of all the sh*t on the ground...and i hate to ride on roads...
12oclock bar FTW!! Im gonna make one when i buy an unbent grab bar one of these days..
let off the gas a little bit lmao, and i stand up usually so i can pull my weight back and push forward, and i dont think the grab bar is MADE to ride on lmao but u can.... ha, so yeah, just all about stance to gain balance really..
lol, practice is what it takes to do good wheelies, i've probably flipped over 100 times from practicing wheelies
i had to replace the grab bar on my blaster when i re-learned to ride wheelies