Good deal???

take into concideration that the 1993 blaster did not have a white tank cover and nose screen nor a black seat cover. so this blaster may have had some bad cosmetic damage. Henc why he replaced some plastics. there maybe some underlying issues, look it over really good. Maybe not though, he may have just really disliked the purple or I think the other color that year was a seafoam green.

Id tell him $1000 minus the clutch replacement cost. that would be a fair price.
I saw the post that he bought it from and he bought it for 750 and the seat was seafome green and it looked all stock.
it looks ok..... look at the frame for bends and cracks, it loks byt he shape of the fenders it might have been crashed
No way a 93 is worth 1200 bucks. I would give him 500 tops. You can get a 90-93 banshee for 1200.

What?? where do you live jlsparky, ship one over too me. here in cali. lol na that would be too much $$

90-93 banshees go for like 2500 round here.
yeah it only need rear brakes, cables, front fenders., and a spark plug
1000 bucks tops. Because being a 93 it is going to need work. Gaurantee it needs new bearings and seals in the a-arm, carrier. Go look at it. Lift the rear end a move it side to side and see if there is any play. To be honest you will never really know what it is worth until you look at it in person. Ride it, see how it starts, how it runs and how it handles then you'll be able to make a good decision.
that what everyone told me, i got it off ebay. some snot nose rich kid had it and wanted mommy and daddy to buy him a new mustang gt. so they made him sell the blaster it was sitting outside for 9 mo and he didnt ride it