Going back to the track today


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May 11, 2007
Well i'm going back to the track today an giving my blaster one more good run an fine tuning before i load it up an haul it to somerset, PA...........QuadFest 2007!!!!!! an rip it up. 11 days till QuadFest 2007 WOOO!!!!!!

I will have some pics an vid up sometime from today, maybe not today but i will post them up before quadfest then i will post some pics up from the quadfest

I will have nice pics of drag an mx blasters an all the drag banshee's an i will have videos of them running, i will get some of the mud bogs an the hill climbs an the MX track an some of the hott gurls (in bikinis hopefully) Lol

I will have a lil bit of it all :)
Well i wnt to the track, you talk about a diff in my jumping an smoother landing with that warrior shock i custom fit oh man i was gettin way more air it soaked up more bumps i whooped a 400 on road/ off road bike an a yfz 450 an a 400ex today, one 400ex i could hang with he was a crazy mother f*cker he was all over the track but he was flat moving, i would have pics up but the lady down at the store gave me the wrong damn CD with someone elses pics. i also got like 8 vids i will post up when i get a newer computer that in compatible with my cam. can't wait to get it i'm pretty sure you all wanna see my ripping around the track on my blaster most the vids are of me jumping the double MAN GOT TO LOVE THAT DOUBLE!