GAS- Light Piss yellow with Milky build up



So I was emptying my gas out to see if that was the problem. I got a liter jug and another 17oz bottle to gather some fuel in. Coming out of all three of the gas overfill/orange lines there was light piss colored gas and a milky build up at the bottom of each bottle. is this ok, I think the color is but I am not sure about milky stuff. Any help. and also side note, how in the heck do you get the beer cap thing off on the top of the carb, mines either on way to tight or stuck. HELP PLEASE
unscrew it...... if it does not work take the carb out and look at it more. ohh it might help to try wiggling the cap back and forth

the milky stuff you found does not seem normal.. empty it out refill it with some fresh and drain a little amount and see if it looks clean
I can't take the carb out w/out unscrewing it. Alright I'll try to empty the gas I have into , idk yet. And go get some new and I'll finish emptying that tank
what kind of carb you have? you could try wiggling the cap while its still atatched to airbox and head
Spray some lube where it meets the rubber boot. Itll soak in and help quite a bit.

Save the milk gas for the weedwhacker and get some fresh stuff for the blaster.
There is a clamp on the front part of the carb around the boot an there is one on the back off the carb losen them until you can twist them around easy, then squeeze the back boot right behind the part where it slides on the carb an hold the carb an push it away from you in order to pop it off the back then wiggle the front of the carb out the boot.
Ohh , I know about those, I thought there were more screws for the beer cap lookin thing. On tha beer cap on the top of the carb I noticed that on the left side of it (if you're looking at it from the left side of the quad) there is a little notch, do I need to mess with that at all?
Man your way of describing things is kinda hard to understand, Your talking about the big thing on top the carb? sits up above the carb it's called TORS (throttle over ride system) you don't need to mess with anything on that.
NO, no just the the thing that links the TORS to the carb, it's looks like a massive beer cap, OK so on this there is notch on the bottom edge of it look at it, it's there, well do I need to push it to get the cap off or do I just leave it. Since you don't get it I'm gunna assume that The top just comes off w/out it
can you tell me if pulling out the wires is a bad things, do i need a new TORS or do I just remove the rest of the wiring and go with it.
I think he's talking about the clip that holds the cap of the carb to the actual carb. And if that so you have to move it aside to unscrew the top of the carb to remove the cap/throttle cable from the main part of the carb.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: By the way, do you have an injection block off kit???? If not I recommend you get one, as Blaster's are prone to injector failors, thus resulting in a seized top end. And makes more sense the way you descrsibe the gas as "piss" colored oppossed to greenish/blue using premix.
Ok so block off and pray I didn't jack the TORS gotchya
Thanks for all the help guys, maybe I'll be a pro like you one day. haha