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  • it will just be nice to have 2 personal rides that are done and my blasty[never gonna be done]will be a bit nicer.if I was closer a guy in slc has 2 blasters complete not running for $500 if nothing else make into one sell it and have free parts.he happens to want a camper and I happen to have 1
    Good choices. I have both. I used to use my friends leakdown tester, but he went awol a few months ago, so I built my own. My Compression gauge is from Harbor Freight. I think It was $20? It was a good deal. nice case too.
    Ernest Clark p.o.b.494 carlin Nv.89822 if usps 1714 pine st. carlin nv.89822 if fed ex or ups and thanks again to you and blaaster
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