Full FMF system


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May 11, 2007
I'm selling my full FMF exhaust system header pipe is like 6 months old still new, always cleaned after it got dirty no rust on it, the silencer has been cut in the back an gutted, so it's a shorty silencer just a lil bit sticks out past your back fenders, just a lil rust on it. looking to get 250 OBO will get pics of the full system later on. IS A MUST FOR A BLASTER HUGE POWER INCREASE WITH THE RIGHT SETUP.
Well here is a pic of the front half



Free shipping on the exhaust by the way an here are some pics. an i peeled the stock off the exhaust thats what them marks are from. An this pipe has no dents in it at all an the silencer needs cleaned.



what do you mean by cut in the back of the silencer? and are there any dents in the silencer?
No there's no dents in the silencer an as you can see i cut like 5 inches of the back so the exhaust doesn't stick out so far.
Well it use to stick out like 6 inches past the back fenders now it only sticks 1-2 inches out past it.
i'll take it!

i'll take it for $200 shipped if it's not sold already. i sent you a PM.