for sale: banshee front brake setup...



i have a complete banshee front brake setup for sale. it's got everything you will need master cylinder/lever, lines, spindles, hubs/rotors, calipers. these are from a j-arm banshee. i will let them go for $100 shipped.
hey jlsparky7, sorry i didn't get back to you sooner on this. i couldn't even access the site earlier. anyway, to answer your question, yes and no. some of the parts are and some of the parts aren't interchangable.

the spindles are a little different. the caliper mounting tabs are closer together on the j-arm spindles, but yes you can put j-arm spindles on an a-arm banshee and vice-versa. so, you have to use j-arm calipers with the j-arm spindles. also, the lower lines are different so you have to use the correct lines with the correct calipers.

the hubs are the same on j-arm banshees and a-arm banshees. the rotors are also the same. the hard lines all the way up to the master cylinder are the same as well. until you get to the '02 and newer banshees but that's only because they then incorperate a brake light.

i hope my little book of a reply helps. i will post a picture of the difference between the two spindles. i am also going to post pics of the brake set up i have for sale.

ok here's the pic showing the difference between the j-arm and a-arm spindles. the j-arm spindle is on the right...

now here's the pics of the brake set up i have for sale. everything works just fine it is just dirty. and the hub missing a lug will have it before it gets shipped.







you have to drill the upper mount. it's not hard to do. i did it on my blaster a while ago. i wish i had waited because i would have rather used this set up instead of the a-arm set up. the j-arm calipers have bigger brake pads.
I'd think everyone wants to upgrade. Blaster brakes flat out SUCK!
Mine are already wearing down, and FAST. I just had them repaired last week.
yeah that's what i was thinking to. but still no bites...