flywheel lightening and carb boring

Do you still do flywheel lightening?

Interesting as far as KOR doing it, I find it strange that the one I just got from him showed up with a lot of shavings stuck to the magnets. I numbered, and removed the magnets to clean everything up before the install, but honestly didn't think much of it at the time.
yes I still lighten flywheels.

I find that kinda odd that the KOR flywheel had chips in it. I thought he removed the magnets. Of course you want to remove as many of the metal shavings as possible, but I've found that removing the magnets isn't necessary and that a 90° pick and some compressed air will get the job done
Thanx bud, ya I know he's the guy. To be honest I was more curious about the carb mod and was just tryin to help him out. Didn't notice the original post date till after lol.