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Apr 4, 2007
Well my right rear tire has a slow leak in it... i cant find a nail though, and since balance isnt an issue here is there anything that i can put in the tire that will seal up this slow leak?? Im up for anything because the tires still have life left in them
I got a nail hole in my left rear tire. I went to a hardware store and got a kit to fix mine and it works great! "Deluxe Tire Plug Kit" by Slime. Basically you poke a larger hole with their tool and then poke the sticky rubber material through, and then you air it up and ride. It's just like part of your tire.

If your hole is small enough, you may just be able to use that spray can tire flat fix w/ the little tube.
Yea im familiar with plugs, do them all the time on customer cars... But i cant find anything on this tire, i think its leaking where the tire mounts to the rim. So if anyone knows of anything good enough let me know... I saw this stuff on tv once that the guy put a big rod through the tire, pulled it out, and it instantly sealed up but i forget what it was called
or take it of of the axle, pump the tire up with lots of air, fill your bathtub with water and you should see bubbles coming from whereever the leak is
If its a tiny hole then slime or fixaflat stuff should fix it. Or do like these guys have said to find the leak.
Heh put the tire in the bathtub... my mom would kills me..

Noone else uses my shower, but i put the cylidnerhead off my car in there to clean it and she still hasnt forgiven me lol
well if your mom will kill you do it when shes not home or fill something plastic that is the size of your tire.
fix a flat works wonders, except for when the trie guy has to take the tire off the rim, its like cement!
the tires are on the rim like cement so you will not dislodge the tire from your rim and end up killing yourself
Basically everyone is saying that the "Fix-A-Flat" is safe and may work, depending on the puncture size; however, you will have to deal with the mess when changing the tire in the future.
Well im pretty sure i found the leak, had an old plug in there that was so dried out it looked like a piece of rope hanging out of the tire... it pulled out without any effort and i replugged the tire...

I loaded it in the van this morning and the tire was completely flat, yesterday it was full lol. So ill know in the morning if i fixed the leak
dirtyblaster said:
the tires are on the rim like cement so you will not dislodge the tire from your rim and end up killing yourself


Read what lbwd said, thats what I'm talking about. A normal tire will not cement itself to a rim, nor should it be, but fix-a-flat will. It's basically rubber cement/glue you inject into your tire, and it WILL cement the tire to the rim. Ive seen tire machines tear the bead off a tire and destroy it because someone used way too much fix-a-flat.
no i meant that when you seal it it is like cement but what if your tire pops a huge hole and you are turning it probably would not dislodge.