Finally got to take her out



Me and several friends went riding yesterday. What a awesome time out with the blaster. We rolled through trails, hit up a pit, stopped at a creek and went swimming then came home. I even got to take my son with me which was fun. I just got him a 110cc chinese quad a few weeks ago. That thing can do pretty well in the trails. Well anyway just wanted to express my love for the blaster.
Yeah I was going over it yesterday and noticed that my nut on the the swingarm pivot bolt fell now Im on the hunt for that so I can go out again. I just put on my new upper front brake cable and tightened the clutch cable, get this nut and change the plug and ready to roll again.
You're lucky to have time to ride, i think it's been two week since the last time i ride my blaster. When i'm not working, it rains a lot. I hope their will be better temp this weekend cause i go to a friend cottage. Gonna bring the blaster with me.
I try to get out often but I have 3 kids and one more on the way, a wife who hates anything that has to do with outdoors and woods, a crappy job where i work to many hours for not enough money, but i squeeze in some time when I can.
I went riding yesterday it was raining and VERY MUDDY and the trail behind my friends house was muddy we have a put with a little jump it was like a swamp at some parts I LOVED IT after the hard rain fell it cleared up i was covered and i was sliding and ridding threw the swamp....FUN
Wish I could go out today....I called every store around me looking for this nut and I cant find it anywhere. I ordered a new one last night but it wont be here for at least one week but probably more.