f*ck school


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Jul 31, 2007
f*cking school started for me like 2 weeeks ago n it sucks so bad. Good news is that they give us laptops n this fourm is unblocked thand god or i wont b able to get thrugh school lol
idk my dad is a contractor so i wana stay within the industry.. im probably going to go to college to be an architect, but i am considering the navy to help pay for college
Well, college or the navy very admirable. I appreciate thoes who are in the service or are going to go into the service.

Just my 2 cents on college. An experience of a life time. Ive gone to college in a few diff manners. All of my college experience was at a 4 year university so I cant speak for junior college or any technical college for that matter. But I would still reccomend them.

Ive gone out of state, In state on campus, in state and commuted. You will learn life lessons that you never thought you would get out of college. Its more than just, all about the books. Ive made life long friends in college.
Ya I started school again roughly 2 weeks ago for me too...its my last year and it SUCKS ROYALY.........and my dad is an ex-contractor too. (too old)
This is my last year to. I'm home schooled though. I'm into landscaping to, I like the work, hard physical work and its outside.
I'm home schooled because the high school i was going to is sh*t. I didn't like it at first, but now that I'm working full time its not to bad.
Yea i went to skool like 3 weeks ago and today we had a lock down cuz of another game making threats.
i never noticed how much schools have changed even though i have only been out for 2 years. I went back to my old high school today because of my job and they have security gaurds there all day now it was a trip they wouldn't let me in to give keys to my customer
I agree with 110...lifelong freindships and a wealth of knowledge is obtained in college. I didn't go to many different schools, but smashed out 4 years in one place. Now I'm livin a dream...bought a house on a lake with lots of big boy toys...none of which would have been possible without school. It seems like I got out of HS just at the right time cause it is getting crazy out there. You guys be careful with all them crazy asses these days. You may talk smack to someone, beat em in a race, then get shot at! Freaky stuff...
Ill get my highschool degree and stuff but I really dont want to go to college. If playin guitar doesnt pan out than ill probly go to a trade school and be an electrician.