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Oct 29, 2007
I was being cheap and cautious. I buy this Blaster that has a nice frame and everything looks fair on it with a brand new Toomey B1. Dude says it's blown up. I do some talking with him and find that his son bought the Toomey but didn't jet it and by the looks of it didn't do anything to the air box lid. So I figure she ran uber lean and melted the jug (piston). I tear it down and sure enough the piston doesn't have any holes anymore, it's got nothing on that side at all. I look at the cyl. walls and they look pretty good, no ring or debris scoring. My wife is already nuclear pissed off I bought it. I spent $700. I figure I bought the Toomey, rims and frame and any other part that's good. All in all I felt pretty good about it, not a screamin' deal, but has some potential. So I buy the cheapest piston kit I can find. Yup, ol' Vito. Like $40. I drop the pig in there and dry assemble everything, give a spray of starting fluid and kick it. First, I notice we have compression and a nice snap. Second kick and bangitty bang bang with throttle respo. for about 2-4 seconds.

***I don't reccomend this procedure to anyone for any reason******

Anyway, I eliminated any other issue, like elctrical, tors, coil, etc. I will repull the motor, tighten everything down and run the thing like it's stolen. May go 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 years. But every minute from now until then was pretty cheap. When she does go again, I will redo it ala complete with the 240 and a 3-4mm stroker and maybe a few other goodies.

Until she goes grenade again though I got a ride!!!

Nuclear pissed! haha thats a good one, My girlfriend is pist i spend the money on my quad instead of her!..Ohwell.. lol

Be careful on the cheaper pistions..I hear that forged pistions are the only way to go.. Id asume its ture since these bikes a 2 strokes and rev high as sh*t to make power..
lol, when i go to upgrade my blaster, ill buy my girlfriend something a day or 2 in advance

when i went up to NY to pick up the Wiseco piston and rings i ordered from ebay (great deal for them, brand new...but anyway...) i bought her a $250 necklace, and the day after, i went up to NY again, and spent some good money getting ported and polished :p

Flyers, you say that like it's a bad thing...........

Stryder, good plan A. I worked that for the first several years of marriage and then she caught on, that when I buy her stuff, I had a list to get filled, too. Then all my checks seem to go through her and she knows where all the money is. And it isn't in my reach! I have been forbidden to buy jewels/jewelry, appliances, cooking utensils, Vacuum's(story behind that) and several other things. So I am relegated to doing side jobs for cash for mad money. Though that whine and cheese said, she keeps the bills tight and we do pretty well. Heck I just scrounged up just shy of a grand for this Blaster. Be a couple months before I can drop another grand on upgrades. Rotten evil witch pays bills on time, WTF?????

lol, my gf hates i mean HATES it when i spend stuff on gear,fuel, handlebars, uneccesary things. if she finds out from looking at my quad she goes nuts!

ahh but its worth it if u know what i mean ;)
Hell yea

Amen, Brother. It's just how we can make it all work and make peace at the same time!!!
having a gf at the age of 14 or 15 is a waste...enjoy your self while your young and dont have to put up with any of the bitching and moaning...becuase in due time..it will happen. ;)
lol i still have mine but yea back to engine roar, does anyone know anything about knocking inside an engine? what does it sound like on a blaster? just like a peck peck except faster?
lol i still have mine but yea back to engine roar, does anyone know anything about knocking inside an engine? what does it sound like on a blaster? just like a peck peck except faster?

99% or the time when you hear a knocking in your motor chances are its the counter-balancer taking a big fat sh*t. rod bearings in a two stroke just lockup or grenade instantly, they dont give you time to say "whats that??"
taking a sh*t? i mean hitting the bottom of the crankcase?
taking a sh*t? i mean hitting the bottom of the crankcase?

no its not hitting the bottom of the case....
the counter balancer is driven by the crank it is not part of it, and when I say "taking a sh*t " I mean its bearings are going out. the counter balancer is located just behind the crank in the tranny.
Well crap..

The mouse that roared. Well she moved under her own power, but that's about all. I don't have a compression tester anymore apparently. I trhink the cyl is egged out. She is a real powerless dog and is missing power on some strokes. Spark looks fine (and hurts). Looks like I have to rebuild after all. Looks like X-mas will be parts this year.

With that in I'm gonna start a new thread about what everybody's fav. mods are.

I gotta tell ya, maybe I'm old but the suspension on this thing sucks. I don't know how you race guys can do it with out LOT'S of mods.

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