End caps



where can i get the end caps for the front bumper its stock, u know the black end caps right, how much do they cost
What year is yours?
Hey I lost mine too, the right side one.

These are going to be hard to get. I am sure they have a part number which will have to be ordered from Yamaha, unless someone else knows how to get them.
Yeah, the caps aren't really even needed. You may be able to find something that looks cool to weld on there, otherwise I'd wait a little while longer and just buy a new bumper.
yeah i lost both mine and i just said whatever i want a new bumper anyways
Wait a second...
I bought a service and parts manual and I found the PART NUMBER!

Yamaha Blaster Bumper/Damper End Caps are...
Part Number: 2HR-28415-00
Description: Damper 1

I deserve reputation points for that :)
Glad I got the manual!