Dont you just love it when


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Apr 4, 2007
You decide to hop on your blaster and inspect the dead end in your neighborhood, and find a whole network of quad trails???!!!

Yup, ive struck gold... now i just have to find the people who ride them, which is wierd since i never hear any bikes.
And the best part about it is there isnt one single no trespassing sign posted.... So i assume its free roam?

Tomorrow im gunna get up as soon as my mom leaves for work and see where they take me. Should be a fun ride
lol i dunno, got some hills back there i wouldnt wanna ride on a tractor... And some odd parts that your riding on a angle that you gotta lean off the side of the bike or you feel like you'll roll down the hill
i found one last summer and it was not pleasant when a farmer whas shooting at me when i was riding. so run if you hear some people coming
I live in the city, so finding trails near my house is a lost cause.

I do however have hundreds of miles of legal trails to ride on :)
Alot of states have miles of trails for public use... I was talkin to one guy who said he rides to work on his dirtbike sometimes using the trails lol.

And in West Virginia you can ride up to 10 miles on public roads to get to a dirt road. Now i doubt a cop will pace you and make sure you dont go more than 10 miles... and on top of that what 4-wheeler even HAS a odometer anyway?

Today it rained and was cold so i didnt make the trip.... Hopefully tomorrow it will rain but be warm so i can get muddy :D