DiY on blaster clutch?



anyone know of any DIY for the clutch on out blasters,i did mine put it all back together but its not disengaging its always engaged
Some how you reassebmled it wrong. I think I posted about this same subject a while back. Do a search and see if you can find it. Ill look and post a link if I can find the thread.
the clutch lever has no tension to it other than the spring where the cable connects
anyone im trying to get riding this is the only thing holding me up,the clutch will not disengage i must of installed it wrong,how tight are the springs and screws supposed to be maybe thats where i messed up
Did you align up the dots on the pressure plate and the inner basket?
that could be it im going to check that tonight,anyone know the torques specs for the pressure plate 6 screws and springs?
Not exactly off the top of my head. but it shouldnt be much more than 8-12 in lbs.

I remembe I had to buy a smaller toruqe wrench for thoes. Ill look up the exact torque when I get home and can look it up in my clymer.
Yea this might be it.

Also if thats not it then you might have the two different sized inside diameter clutch plates in the wrong positions.

yea i noticed this when i was putting my pressure plate on and i got the same results. i seen the dot and said "well ill be a u know what"