diamond j kit.

ok, i was reading in another thread that if i get new a arms i need new shocks, right now i'm running progressive 413 series shocks, and i'm not gonna replace them, also, is there any other way to get cheap used a arms than ebay?
if you have aftermarket shocks, then you wont have to replace them.

if sunday is your leisure day, take a few hours to ride with us. its a 10 minute drive...take rt 8 towards kouts....haha by back half i mean the back half of chris's yard. he lives on 2 acres. also the farmers are harvesting..so we have fields upon fields to ride in also, just cruise around and have fun.

banshee axle will be cheap, lot cheaper than the front suspension..hahaha

ebay isnt that bad...if i see a set, ill let ya know..
i dont know i cant really make anyone change there mind but all i can say is that dont let 2 people who had a bad experience with the company sway your decision, of course longer a-arms are ALWAYS going to be the best route but the diamond j kit is a cheaper alternative and in my opinion they has to of dont at least something right if they have sold so many...
all in all the decision is up to you and whatever you get let us know the outcome..
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ok for the 1,000th f*ckign time.. neither i nor rockstar has ever had a bad experiance with this company... BUT to anyone wiht any suspension knowledge at all this kit is rediculous.... have you read any of my repsonces to you? obviously not.. that kit is crap plain and simple. in fact a guy on powersportjunkies bought one for his wifes quad and has striaghtened it numerous times..
ok so i did some more digging up on the diamond j kit.
and the only ill side affect i could find about the kit is that it increases the bump steer a little bit because of the tie rod angle.
but the suspension geometry its self is not changed it IS moved out farther but the suspension still moves up and down the same as stock.
so i do admit that i was wrong about the tie rod angle, we learn from our mistakes.
and i will agree with 370 about my warrior i hated that thing and it handled like sh*t BUT it did ride better then a stock blaster
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there are numerous things about that kit that suck.. your totally missing the point on the width of the front of the frame.. as compared to the length of the a arm.. i'm startin to think your a lost cause..
Samolia it DOES change the geometry..

I think the problem is your seeing the kit as extra lenght for the a-arms where in reality it is not. What it does is make your front FRAME WIDER!(NOT THE A-ARMS, FRAME!)


Thus resulting in changin the geometry of the quad. Think of it as adding the front frame of a utility quad to the blaster to make it wider. If you still dont get it i agree with 370,lost cause.
maybe sunday, don't know i'll have to ask my dad if he has time to take me and ride to, but, he never has time so don't count on it, i have still been beggin for the a arms, wish i hadn't showed my dad the freakin spacers because now he thinks their the best and wants buy them for me, it stinks that ASR's are like 600 bucks and over with a ball joint and brake lines.
you dont need new brake lines for +2 arms, i have +2 asr a-arms and didnt need to buy new brake lines or anything. bolt on and go
oh,if so yea you will need em, check for ebay, deals come and go, good luck buddy! hope your happy at the end with what you end up with.
yea i might just pt this project off till next year and save up moneytill then i will use spacer so i can run my 22 inch tires then take them off when i want to go jump around, also, i am mostly doingthis cause i want to widen the back but the thing is i heard that with back widness you need to even it out by making it wider up front, sucks cause i would love to have a wide sick butt blaster to show off to my buddy next year at 4-h, he used to have a crappy blaster and as soon as he sold it i bought mine and now he wants one intead of his crappy 440 ex, but i was talking to him and he sold the ex and got a yfz, and i want to make hom jealouse with a sick sexy wide blaster. plus i want some wideness for racing cause blasters aren't that wide stock and i don't want to tip it while racing cause there are some dangerouse turns, but back to the point don't count on this happening soon because my parents are cheaping out, to me though, if i only ask for a arms, ball joints, and brake lines, then use my own money for the axel that isn't too much to ask for christmas is it,if my parents just skip out on all the cloths and crap i dont need, also maybe we can do a deal where everyone in my family chips in and helps get me the a arms,........all i can do now is wait and begg i guess:(
well guys its final, i'm getting spacers, ive been talking to people and they said that they had the 3 inch crj spacer on his blaster and raced mx then sold the blaster got a 400ex and put the spacer on the 400, you guys might not approve of this choice but its the only way i'm gonna widen the quad and so, if i break somethin it's my fault.
i can read just fine and i do understand what he is trying to say, but IMO moving out the a-arms doesnt not change the geometry on the blaster.
the blaster has a terrible suspension stock and that is prolly why long a-arms feel so much better then the stockers because they change the geometry for the better...
but anyways im threw arguing over some kit....no more arguing deal??
Hey kid, just get a banshee rear axle and offset front rims to even it out? 370, would the DJ shock conversion suck by itself? I mean stock arms wider offset rims and longer shocks with just the DJ shock mount?
whats the DJ shock mount? post a pic.. if your not changine the suspension any i dont; see a reason to move teh shock mounting point any.. unless your looking to lower the front end.
whats the DJ shock mount? post a pic.. if your not changine the suspension any i dont; see a reason to move teh shock mounting point any.. unless your looking to lower the front end.
The diamond j kit that has the shock conversion for yfz450 style shocks...They sell just the shock mount the has multipal mounting points for the shocks. It will lower your front too with stock shocks. I know they work with longer arms, but don't know about stock and trust you more than asking them.
Does anyone know the link on how to put the shee axle on a pre 93?
don't quote me on this but i beleive it swap right in but if you use the balser mechanical brakes you need to modify the splines on teh shee axle a bit... as for a link to do so.. i have no idea.