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  • vote for blaster of the month in contest section, theres some nice quads to choose from
    You're over your inbox limit hommie..... Lemme know when you got it cleared out so I can respond!
    14111 I'm trying to get a hold of a scum bag that I already bought one from on here, but he won't respond to my pm's or emails
    yeah, i have a sand blaster, so i'm good there, i'm still lookin, so if you find any good cheap auctions tell me.
    yeah i'm definently trying to get a used one, also, i'm not getting nickel plating on the shearer if i get it cause its just todarn expensive.
    so what type of pipe should i get, i have been likeing the power pros and shearer, how are there any better ones, i like the power pros the most , or should i go shearer, idk not shure.
    hey man, i have been thinkin about a new pipe, and well i just don't think i'll get the money for it, so i was thinkin i will prolly get close to enough to get a port,so what type of ports do you do, aren't there like different ports like aggressive trail and race port and stuff?
    nice i plan to send mine off to get ported "soon" but you know, were doin good right now but in a 2 month period we could be homeless..... lol
    just lemme know.. anytime is fine.. i'll probably be riding tommorow just messin around and such... or playing in the shop..
    ok, maybe this weekendif my dad has time to bring me there and mess around with the quads, knowing how busy he is we prolly won't make it up there.
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