Crazy Thoughts Running Through My Head!!


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Nov 6, 2007
I saw a previous thread about using a TRX 450r rear shock. First, I acknowledge my ability to be a cheap-ass. Second, I understand that shocks are shocks. Valving and springs can help achieve almost any application.

I am in the process of fabricating +3 +1 a-arms and + 2 swingarm. In doing so I am attempting to get a long-travel suspension with a progessive link in my swingarm. My ideas are hampered by which shock frame to go with. I am somewhat novice to quads in general. I have always catered to two wheels, but I am reliving my youth and a memory of a blaster i once owned.

Now I saw the thoughts on the TRX 450r Rear shock. I was leaning toward going with a Set of YFZ 450 shocks all around. The rezzys to contain the fade and any extra lenght to aid my long travel pursuits. Any Ideas? :">
I personally think its over kill.. The 400ex on its softest setting is still to stiff, but workable..

my .02
ok, idk how great of an idea this all is lmao (the shock part) cuz...yfz450 shocks..aren't they pretty damn stiff? (stiffer than 400ex) cuz 400ex shocks are pretty f*cking hard as it is (but not unbearable) 450r would be dumb..and very hard on the blaster ... . if the yfz450shocks are anywhere near as stiff as the 450r shocks, DONT do it, because it will hurt your blaster in the long run, because that would be very hard on it..
Ok guys. I was just wondering if anyone out in 'BlasterLand' has had the chance to ride a quad with re-valved shocks. This only comes up because I tend to steer toward bikes.

I have revalved several shocks. Punching out the valves and changing the oil viscosity can increas the ability to soak up big hits. Along with the longer travel and triple rate springs it would make an amazing trail suspension. I can pick up a revalve kit for the KYB shocks (front) for $100. The showa will be about $80. It seems just a lot cheaper then ELka's.

My RG3 forks on my Crf frickin rock and I was just hoping someone had tried this on a quad. Plus a Progessive rear end would make the quad silly stable on the high speed chop!!!

To wrap this all up . . . what is the lenght of ELKA shocks? (eye to eye). What is the diameter of the shaft?