Could you put 2 small lights on a blaster?



I have a 2001 blaster and i dont really like the look of the light. It looks sort of 1980's and doesnt really go with the bike. So, my question is: could i replace it with 2 small fog type lights you can get a pep boys or something? Just curious.
You can, but the problem is they have glass lenses. They tend to shatter and brake. If you do get lights make sure they have plastic lenses. Or Be very carful not to break them if they are glass.
yea im puttin fog light lenses on my blater but you do need plastic lense and make sure u know how many watts ur stator puts out so u dont f*ck around and get some high wattage or low wattage lights
You can put a battery on a blaster, but i wouldn't because i do MX. You would always have to recharge it after every ride but make sure you get some lights that don't take much to much to light.
I was thinking about taking the charging system off another atv an hooking it into my stator then to a battery. Not a bad idea if you know what your doing.
i just got theses at walmat for 20.00 bucks i just hooked them up to the headlight wiring.
Well they did make blasters with a battery box, Why? i have no clue. But if you ever needed to you could use a battery so they don't get dim when it idles down.
Great, thanks for all of your opinions and comments. Does anyone know the standard output on a 2001 blaster stator?
thats not where i was gonna put mine it looks a but funny i was gonna put mine under my front inside fender next to the nose
I wouldn't have mounted them on the handle bars because i don't like headlights on the handle bars, just look funny to me. My opinion.
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I have had the bike 4 days and I just did this today. Changed the fender screws to bolts and they mounted right up.
yeah i just used the stock plastics mounts for my lights and wired them right up.