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Apr 1, 2007
Check it out guys!
I just did my signature and my avatar.

Test, test, test...
Looks better than I thought :)
Nice work man. You are very good. Its nice to have a graphics person at the forums lol.
No one has to be a nerd to be good at what they do.
If I were a nerd, I most likely wouldn't be on this type of forum, right? Right :)

Nerd: a person with limited social, but advanced technological skills and interests

Doesn't fit my personality.
How about you? You could say, though, that I am older and have experience in certain fields. By seeing my previous posts, you would know I am not an expert with ATV repair. :lol:

dirtyblaster said:
yes are u a nerd or something? jk lol
i know that u aren't a nerd, even if a nerd was on here he would probably talk about space or the ending of crap.