Chain tensioners



I think i my chain tensioners are stuck..i am wondering how the work as in if i turn the screw in dose it tighten the chain? or loosen the chain??

Thanks guys :)
there are nuts on the bolts that you need to loosen before trying to (tighten) the bolts. Unless your just going to losten the bolts then the nuts will stay in place.

off the top of my head loosening the bolts will tighten the chain. (cant remember 100% could be the opposite)
yea i tried loosening everything and nothing moves..There is a big bolt going across under the skid plate ..I am wondering if i need to loosen that before i can loosen the chain??
Yes you need to loosen that before you can loosen the chain, and you might have to loosen the one just like it a little higher up.
Sweet..I got the 14 tooth on no prob this time..Thanks alot!
ahh yes, the axl bearing carrier bolts. shoot I completly forgot to mention thoes. Good job guys.