chain and sprockets help plz



hey. i have a 2006 blaster and i got new front and rear sprockets and new x ring chain. can someone help me out and tell me how to put them on? thanks
ya i got a bigger front 14tooth and bigger back 41 tooth
i got the right size i just need to know how to put them on
i don't kno much but i saw my friend do the rear he only changed his bolts becasue he snaped them some how i think he put his 4 wheeler on a jack, took the tire off and unbolted the big bolt in the middle, then he unsrewed the bolts on the sproket and slid it off but it was a polaris predator so i'm not sure if its right.
Take off the left engine cover (the front sprocket is kind of self explanitory)
for the rear just undo the chain guide and take the whole chain over the tire.
ya but i have the rear sprocket that need to be put on also
when u say axle nuts u mean the two big nuts haha beside the sprocket?
ill right ill go do that right now haha thanks a lot u save me some trouble
why would you have to take the axle nuts off for any of this? Unless yamaha designed this completely f'd up compared to everything else they build, all you need to do is take off the 6 bolts that hold the sprocket to the sprocket hub, and then take off either the tire or whole hub to slip it off the axle, then reverse to re-assemble. Remember to bend a few of those metal tabs back over to keep the bolts from backing out, i've found that they can loosen up over time.

The first thing I would do before I started touching anything else would be loosening up the rear carrier and backing out the adjuster screws, to get as much slack in the chain as possible. You're going to need to re-adjust it for sure anyways because of the different sized sprockets you chose.
Make sure you check the clearence on the front sprocket, I was going to put a 14 tooth on the front of my sons 01 blaster and it would have made the chain hit the stater cover.
ok i c and i found out that u dont have to take off the axle nuts thanks
Get a smaller front sprocket sounds like a more logical choice to me. That sounds too high for a blaster to begin with unless you just ride wide open all the time and your low-end doesn't matter. 2 strokes are lacking enough bottom end power as it is without gearing it ridiculously high. Then if it's too low you can get a smaller rear sprocket to compensate.
You will have to put the stock 13 tooth on.The only reason I wanted to go bigger is my sons blaster has a 240 kit, 3mm stroker, v-force reeds, and a 35mm carb.