yup, because i dont think i gonna do alot to my blaster until the warranty goes away and why hane top end when you cant get it there
well, hes not selling the blaster! (i hope) there ain't nothing wrong with having a side quad to beat on
YEAAAHHH you cant beat ona blaster cause they never die wit some good o'l yamalube and some 93 octane
NOOOOO i have a 240 head, from trenga also know as CT it requires me to run 104 > 106 Octane fuel but i have some other mods so i run 110 octane
It wouldn't have blown up you just would of had real bad detonation. For some of you who doesn't know what that is, it's when your motor sounds like it's knocking real bad. usually caused by to much octane or not enough octane.