BUrned off the tire on the 636


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Apr 4, 2007
And decided to share... Needs a new tire, and no i didnt go till it popped, its bad enough that i have the strings wrapped around EVERYTHING just from that lol... Its a damn mess

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i just sold my 636 a week or 2 ago due to the police not liking the way i ride lol
I just picked up an 81 honda cb650 today for free. If I get it running I might have to finish off that back tire before we pull the engine and put it in our race tractor. This bike is hell to work on though, it sat for 2 years so all 4 carbs are gummed up, and I need to rewire most of the electrical system and possibly rebuild the starter. Had to unbolt all but one motor mount to even get the carbs out of the thing.
I got a set of dunlop qualifiers comin... supposed to be pretty good tires.

Now i just need to replace my right fork (adjuster ground down) and the aside from the fairings, the bike will be back to new for the first time since my highside.
Yea i highsided, bought the bike brand new in august of last year, then early october some asshat in a truck wasnt paying attention and swerved into my lane, i hit the rear too hard and slid, then when i let off the brake it caught and threw me over. Luckily i wasnt goin to fast and the bike only flipped once. The guy didnt stop but i didnt report it to insurance because of a small dent on the frame that they would total it for. So im repairing everything and ill have the dent repaired by a compentant shop and repaint it. No more 636 so im keepin the one i have
I normally wear my gear, but this was supposed to be a quick 15 minute ride... And this is what i get in return.

This can make you queezy if you got a weak stomach






And the bike





i have some good advice for you

1.get frame sliders and swingarm spools.they save alot of damage if you go down.
2.rear brake what the hell is that???seriously i barely use the rear brake at all on a streetbike.your front brake does like 80% of the stopping anyway due to weight transfer.i know it was tough from yrs of thinking front brake on dirtbikes makes you fall but its the opposite on streetbikes.
by the way i had the same bike but 03 and have a friend with same bike as yours and another with the green one.