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Nov 11, 2007
I just bought a brand new 06 blaster. I love it!!!!! I wanted to do some stuff to it though. How much are a-arms? What kind should i get? Also i wanted to put some pipes on it. How is the fmf fatty and the fmf powercore?? What about tires? I thought maybe maxxis razrs.
I would work on some basic performance before you worry about a arms. FMF is good. but not the best. Go with lrd if your gonna spend money on a new one anyway. Get an after market air filter like uni or k&n. V-force 3 reeds would be something to get to. Dont forget to rejet after doing anything like this. Razers are good or holeshots.
kenda klaws are the best tires for the money and you get longer life out of them vs. razrs or holeshots plus more terrain compatibility, an aftermarket carb is also a decent investment, ebay is the place for those, a gearing change will be no more than 100 from including a new chain and front/rear sprockets, TORS delete and a Oil injection block off kit should be #1 priority right now, then premix at the recommended ratio , just about everyone here has a preference, 110octane seems to be able to make the best guess based on your topographical location so PM him

my opinion is i used to run AMSoil dominator mixed 40:1 with 93 octane gas in my old quadracer and it ran very quiet and very kool

but like i stated opinions are like assholes, everyone has one
id say dont worry about looks until it runs the way you want it though...... id definately say, if the terrain is rougher, get nerfs (i like dg, but it doesnt matter, they're all good) get some Kenda Klaw tires (they are a lil heavy, but not terrible) i have the FMF powercore II on mine, i love it, soon imma look into a Factory 7 or an LRD... dont wory bout the a-arms yet, Vforce 3reeds, or Boyseen reeds are probably pretty good..cuz the stock ones on it are OEM, and they arent so good... DEFINATELY GET RID OF OIL INJECTION....
i use 14/40 gearing, i suggest it cuz it pulls harder, and gives you more of the full potential of your top end, uhhhm, if i think of anything else ill put it up, but im not thinking right now lol ohhh yeah -- you can get it bored, and get a wiseco piston too!
yeah a piston change would make some sense ine reliability, just pull your head and if you piston has STD stamped in the top of it get a wiseco piston in the Standar size and change it up and remeber if you do this to get a manual and a new top end gasket set, and if you do this it wouldnt be a bad time to do the reeds , an exhaust and possibly a carb, but a rejet is deff. necessary along with some air box lid mods
Thanks for all the replies!! Where can you find front bumpers for a blaster i would prefer a dg. And on the rejetting does fmf tell u where to adjust it to?? THANKS
no but a jet kit will tell you a ballpark setting that you must then tune and re-tune to get just right, and rocky mountain atv sells mud screen front bumpers for 20 bux, they are nice, very nice, and there nerfbars are only like 100 bux as well
are they built for a blaster. DO you need to do anything to it to make it look good before you put it on
chochise, the mud screen front bumpers, do they work very good against mud though?? cuz i am constantly soaked lol... and 06 blaster kid... go to AHH I CANT THINK OF THE SITE!! but Maer racing front fenders are very nice,'ll get soaked in mud if you hit a big hole or something :D but its all in good fun, Maer racing fronts are a little expensive CAN SOMEONE HELP ME THINK OF THE STUPID SITE! IM HAVING A BRAIN sh*t!!
How do you put shock covers on? I gotta get a pic up here for you guys and show you how muddy it got today. This is the first weekend i've had it.
they have velcro on them and they wrap around the shock and simply velcro together, they work too i had some

edit: some companys make ones you have to remove your shock to put them on, you unbolt your shock, slide them over like a sock and use a drawstring to pull them tight at the ends and then tie it so it doesnt kome loose
the bumper is kalled the Tusk comp aluminum series bumper something or other and yes the shock covers are on there under atv shock covers, at the top ofthe page you kan search model specific
check ebay for stuff like this to. I buy my white brothers stuff from this guy for 10- 15 dollars each. Its all brand new in the box and its like a 100$ less than on the white brothers site.