boy i feel old



i been looking at profiles on here and i must be the oldest guy or gal here. ages vary from 14-22 mostly. i feel old at 33. :(
i feel young but when you see the ages i could be the same age as their fathers.
33 LOL hell I am 35 make 36 in Oct. & still love to try to outride my 14 year old son . but it is hard as hell . lol he has no fear , & that is dangerous . thought he would have chilled out after he put his first 4 wheel in the dich BUT NO lol wan't more speed & more power everyday
lol im 16 so....yea ur old but thats cool no problem with grandpa on an atv I:I
^^^good.....that means you raised the boy right lol

EDIT:TFS....meant for the reply two posts above me