Blaster Xenon


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Apr 1, 2007
Does anyone know what the light bulb type is for the headlight on the Blaster, 1999 off the top of their head? I want to see if I can find a Xenon (H.I.D.) bulb to replace the yellow OEM bulb.

Has anyone here tried this? It sounds like it'd be cool...
Hmm i dont know im trying to get away from the stock headlight. I really think its ugly!
I would agree that the headlight assembly is ugly and has no good style. I saw something on here earlier about that.
are u saying the old ones or the new ones because the newer blasters do not seem to have ugly head lights.
ohhhh i almost thought you said the new ones lol!
hmm i bet you can get that Xenon from a hardware store or autozone not 100% sure.
Whoever has the 45/45 watt xenon.
Didn't find it online so I am not so sure they're even made.
if you cannot find the bulb with that size just change the head light with another rectangle and put the bulb in but it will kinda look ugly even if it fits.
I don't know what your trying to say.
I need a HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulb to save power and be brighter. It's very efficient.

I just can't find the right bulb.
What bulb type, an H4 45w/45w 9003? I may have the 9003 part wrong.
find the web site of the bulb you want and see if they might have the size, wut i was trying to say before was maybe get a different head light that will let the HID bulb fit inside.