Blaster runs funny



Whats up guys, new to the forums here. I just picked up a blaster and have a couple questions about the way its running. First of all it seems to bog on the top end and kinda fall on its face. Is this normal for these things? I cleaned the carb out, checked the reeds and the plug and it still does the same thing. Another thing is after doing this now the bike wont idle. I dont see any carb adjustments..? Are there any little tricks that I need to know about this bike? Thanks in advance.
Tell us your mods an put a new spark plug in it. Don't just check the plug you can't tell if it's fouled out by looking at it. there is an air/fuel mixture screw on the carb. It could be jetting issues.
No mods yet, just got the thing 2 days ago. Any ideas on the idle issue?
Remove the TORS if it isnt already. Theres a how-to in the DIY section. Also the idle air/fuel screw should be 1.5-2 turns out usually. Clean the carb again. Sometimes sand and stuff can get in weird places.
I have my air/fuel screw out 2 1/4 turns an she runs strong. Put a new plug in her, see if that was the prob if not oull the plug back out an tell me what it looks like.
alright i'll look at it more tomarrow when i get some time. will the yfz450 shocks fit on this bike?
Sweet. You know, this thing is mostly going to be riddin on a track and alot of sand. Are these things known for getting hot or do they stay decently cool? I remember my 1983 250r use to get pretty hot sand riding.
the idle screw is the big one...the air/ the small one, and about the overheating thing, you should be ok if you have paddle tires on back...but..if it is very hot where you is kinda iffy...
Well its about 90 outside around here right now. When you say the big screw you mean the one on top of the TORS right..? How is this bike about waking up to mods? Im just looking at a pipe and intake right now. Maybe a change in gearing. I need it to keep up with atleast a 400ex.
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Yeah i figured a pipe would do it quite a bit of good, it seems pretty choked up with that stock exhaust. Anyone on here running the 240 kit and how do you like it?
Ive got the CT240 sonic kit. kicks ass. I havent raced anyone yet but it pulls up Comp hill in Pismo like no other blaster ive seen.

where at in Central Cali. are you 1badblaster? If your riding sand it must be pismo area?
Yeah im about 3 1/2 hours outside of san luis obispo and about 30 min from modesto if you know where that is. I went out and checked the air/fuel mix screw this morning and it was about 1/4 turn out. wish i would have checked that before but i didnt think about it. the guy i bought it from said that it just started doing this. anyway turned about 2 turns out and runs like a stipped ass ape on top now. still cant figure the idle out, turning the idle screw does absolutely nothing. where are you from 110octane?