Blaster Fun - Vid



Alright you guys gotta show me some love! just like the video says this thing sat in a field for over a year! I think the original owners bought it brand new in 01 and rode it for a year, ran the oil out of it, blew it up, got it rebuilt and let the thing sit for as long as they can remember. If youve been following my posts you know that ive asked a ton of questions and ive learned ALOT from this site I love it!!!! I LOVE 2 strokes now! I:I This is the first 2 stroke ive ever played with and ive caught the feever lol. I gonna eventually step up my game to a banshee and make it sick fast. Thanks everyone. Let me know what you think.

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Hahaha that was awsome. It takes some dedication to get up and ride again an hour after stiches lol. Nice vid!
you ride fairly good, glad you like the blaster, ohhh plz wear a helmet for the young viewers on this site
yea, and my friend has died from not wearing a helmet, i wear my helmet all the time . do me a favor take 2 or 5 mins to put a helmet on and you could save yourself from pain or death.
yea you saw the helmets right? We dont get that nasty. I picked up a banshee, and we got my buddies raptor 660 so ill get some more vids up.
yeah i saw the helmet but it seems like most of the time u weren't wearing one. but long as next time u wear ur helmet u'll be fine