Bearings/Seals part Deux


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Oct 29, 2007
OK, there is not much cal let alone availability for a whole bearing set.


I'm using my car exper. here and it tells me that if I build a whole new engine and install power upgrades I need to renew all bearings and seals.

I add to this the sensitive nature of a 2 stroke. The seals are critical.

So what's up, you folks swap out the bearings during an overhaul or not?

I'm going to and have found a source for all of them along with the seals. I already tested the bearing removal. I used my heat gun, basicly a hotter less air blow dryer. $20 at any HD or Lowes. I heated the case around the bearing area and they dropped out. Pretty easy and puuting them in will be the same.

So am I too anal on rebuilds or what?

Nah... If i were rebuilding my whole motor I would do all new bearings and seals as well.. Now if i was just doing a top end rebuild.. I would just rebuild the top end, weather it be a bore, ring, new pistion..and some fresh gaskets and call it a day.. You catch my drift...

I figure if I gotta split the case, I replace everything that I can. So to chuck a stroker on, she gets new balls and seals.