Axle years?

u sure, i thought the carriers are different, thats y for an 03 - 06 a banshee axel will bolt right up, as opposed to 02 - below where you need to mod it to fit
I Just got a yamaha parts cross reference softwear. and it says that the blaster axles are divided up into 2 sets of years that will interchange.

1989 -2002 will interchange and 2003-2005 will (this means bolt right up) no where does it say any banshee axles will fit "bolt right up"

as far as will they fit with modification, I cant say, Ive never tried.
It wont on a pre 03 blaster cause I have a banshee axel that the guy thought was a blaster one and sent to me. I believe the bearing will line up but its too close for me to take a chance so i pressed my old axle to where it was straight enough. I do have a banshee one if anyone wants one. I believe you could modify the carrier so that it would work but im not up for that, all i do is woods riding>