ATV Shipping Companies


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Apr 1, 2007
ATV shipping can be costly. Shipping anything big is costly and is required when you don't want to drive from one state to the other in your distant purchases. I remember trying to buy a car on eBay and the shipping was nearly half as much as the car itself. Shipping an ATV is cheaper, but still costs money. As a side-note, if you own a pickup truck and have spare time you can probably save some money by hauling the ATV yourself.

Here is a list of a few ATV shippers I have found:
* (good prices)

You can perform a search on Google for more options.
In this thread, you may post reviews or additional companies.
Please don't post opinions or thoughts unless you truly believe that it would be beneficial to all the members of I don't want to see any "damn that's expensive" crap.
I own a truck and 2 trailers, I haul mostly east coast from Maine to Florida. Need your machine shipped? email me. I''ll throw it in the back cheap.
I know DAS is good, not so sure about the others. uship I've heard mixed reviews about, but I think they have some deal with ebay motors where they ship the majority of the vehicles. United Road is supposed to be good in terms of price & service, as is A-1 Auto Transport. I do agree, though, that it's usually best to get a toy hauler and just do it yourself unless it's halfway across the country or something.
Sh*te, sorry. I didn't catch the date on this thread, which is probably why I haven't heard of half those companies.