anyone have these?



anybody have some of the screws or mounts for the plastic on a blaster?

by mounts i mean the linkage type arm from the frame to the front fender

also what about the mud flaps for behind the heel guard and infront of the rear tires?

how about any front tires? 21X7X10

just wondering whats out there, post a reply and prices
Yes, I have a full set (I belive) of plastics screws front and rear yamaha genuine parts. and the "front fender stay/bracket"

How does $10 plus shipping for the bracket sound? Not sure if I want to part with the screws sorry.

I will however include any extra screws for you for free after I make 1 complete screw set to keep for myself.

I think I have both plastic heel parts your talking about too, I know I have 1 for sure. Ill check when I get home, If I have both Ill include them for $5
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Ive got a sh*t load of front tires. most stock but with good tread. one set is studded and another is after market. Offer a price if your interested.
also looking for a cheap jet kit
looking to spend about $25 shipped on that as new they are only $45