Anyone Have A Good Riding Story?

I remember about a couple of months ago I was riding down the powerlines with a couple of friends. Towards the end of the trail there was a clearing. In the clearing was a baseball field where a game was going on. We turned around a bit later and started going past the field to get back home. I was going way too fast by the time I noticed this almost jump/mound of gravel. Next thing I knew I was flipped over on the ground. It was so embarrising. Half the people in the dugout saw me. I was fine but I bent the handlebars on the blaster, knocked the carburator out of wack, and mashed up my cable.
I got one that happened like 4 hours ago. Aright me and my friends chance(honda 500) cody(polaris 500) and jimmy(ttr 125) were riding. I was on the back of codys wheeler and we were going through a trail right next to some tall grass. We were gonna turn around and cody decided to go through the grass. So we go about 5 feet and the next thing I know the fourwheeler is almost vertical and im almost sitting on the exaust. Im not known for my fast reflexes so I kinda just sat there wondering what the hell happend. Then cody realizes whats happening and tells me to jump off so I do. We both put our weight on the rear so it goes down and he throws it into reverse and gets out. Jimmy goes by and says what the hell. So we all go and look at what happened and there was a hole up to chances waist. Me and cody were like DAM.No one got hurt but it was scary.
Friday at quadfest me an my cousins was riding around where they was having this mug bog an we was playing on the jumps an turns around it an my youngest cousin i think he is 15 he has a 230 quadrunner an he was trying to go around the turn in the mud an he slid right into the mud hole it was like 4 foot deep, it was funny as hell! he looked scared so much the whole frontend an motor was under water the only part sticking out was the back tires an grab bar man i laughed so hard.

An another one of my cousins has a warrior he is like 20 i think an he was doing donuts on muddy grass then he caught a dry spot of grass an the fourwheeler started to flip an it threw him off an it set back down on it's wheels an kept going an it rolled right out into the middle of a mudhole he was chasing it, an there dad was following them on his warrior an he didn't make it that far yet an he yelled to the rest of the group he look at that retard chasing his 4 wheeler! then when he got up there it was his son, hahaha that was funny to.

Quadfest 2007 rocked can't wait till quadfest 2008!!!!
I have another story. I remember when me and my brother were riding down these trails in back of an old oil company. My brother and I were coming down the trail about 75 ft. before the end of the trail. At the end was the second field where we would stop in. We heard this huge rumble in back of us but kept going and didn't look back. When we got to the end we saw this huge pickup truck flying down the whoops.Tey turned into a field area off the trail which lead into a full circle to exactly where we were. My brother and I hauled a** out of there and got onto the road the opposite way of where the truck came in. We went onto the powerlines at 45- 50mph.
i remember when we had like 5 or 6 of my friends riding on private trial which we got permission to ride on. here goes we were going around the feilds right? one of my friends tried to do a powerslide on what he though was soem muddy turn but it actually was blacktop with mud ontop of it, his quad flipped went into the corn feild, my friend went flying over a wooden fence and landed in the cow crap feild, as soon as he got up we started laughing as he joined us at laughing at himself, we looked a while in the cornfeilds for his quad when we finnaly found it, it started up after 3 kicks,we all went onto the gravel and hauled ass to my friends house so he could change and shower, when he came out we started our beastes up as my friend hopped onto his quad and got ir fired up, we went back tot he private property and rode in mud,sand, dirt for the rest of the day, and damn tht was one fun day we stayed all stayed at my friends house for 2 or 3 days and rode every morning, ppl would get pissed off tht we blazing with loud pipes, we were having too much fun to care though so we would flip him off.
it sure as hell was fun! we are thinking about making our own club where we ride every 2 weeks together. if we agree to make the club we will have like 20 or more riders, friends, cousins, brothers. i'm hoping we make a club becuz we would have so much fun!
Hahaha. Everyone that I normally ride with has their quad broke in some way including mine so I havent been able to ride lately except for yesterday.
then fix it up! each time my blaster breaks i go right to work to fix it unless i have to order a part.
Same here, something break i repair it ASAP i can not go to bed knowing my blaster needs some work, Lol the only major thing that happens to my blaster is needing a good carb cleaning after 14 hours of dusty riding.
yeah i can't stand going to bed if my blaster is broken, one time it broke and i worked on it all night and only got 4 or 5 hrs of sleep
When I flipped the Blaster I was so ticked off that I couldn't get it to a shop until 3 weeks after my vacation. The whole vacation I couldn't stop thinking of getting it fixed. I finally did thou. I thought that the repair would cost about $200. Come to find out it was $470. I was extremely surprised. The money I had planned to keep for gas/oil was gone.