another wont start question



i have a 98 blaster.
i was sgoing down the road the other day in 4th and all of a sudden it just bogged and stalled.

pulled carb off and cleaned it very good. also put a new plug in it and checked for spark and i hass spark.

when i kick it sometimes it will sputter like it want to start but it doesnt happen. if i try to pop start it again it sputters but then it just dies
it really sounds like it wants to start, what should be a good base setting for my mixture scrw and idle screw. when i did the carb i also did the base gasket and head gasket cause the base gasket was ripped. it looked like there was a lil blow by on the piston past the rings but not much at all.
ok thank you. i dont think it could really be that the rings are too bad cause it never really smoked much at all if any
idk im sure u no better than me. someone told me to check the reeds could this be any part of it?
no but i will try it thanks for your help man youve been great ill keep it updated on results