another blaster noob question


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Jul 5, 2007
I just recently bought an 04 Blaster w/ carb problems replaced w/ Trenga racing 30mm "D" style carb. question is about TORS system. cut wires from TORS and connected them together and cut wires on throttle. Will not start no spark. have I missed something?
Welcome to the forum an if you ever wanna rip it up we should meet at henderson man they have a great MX track an trails, unplug the box that's under the hood for the TORS also unplug your keyswitch an see what happens
throttle over ride system i think it allows you to adjust the idle speed and stop it from over rev but honestly it a pain in the *** <--self filterd.

theres tors elimination kits ill see what i can find my 04 is bone stock so i minus well read up on it now!
It was supposedly jetted by Trenga Racing. I have had some problems with this installation, but I think I have got a handle on it now. My fuel cap vent was plugged up. I may have not needed a new carb. after removing fuel cap the new carb stopped overflowing (see other post) I have found electical problem. I did not remove connection at CDI. I also installed Trenga Racing Reed Spacer kit and new reeds. I will soon be installing oil pump removal kit. Ialso have installed Uni filter and airbox lid removal kit "Outerwear"
Yes, finally. I still have a lot of work to do. Installing oil injection block off this weekend and will soon be having extra frame and swingarm and a-arms powdercoated to replace slightly tweaked frame on 2004 Blaster. not sure about color yet. It has Blue bodywork on it. thinking about black or red. Eventually will have frame powdercoated on my red one also. thinking about black or yellow on it. Do you know if these frames come with powdercoat on them originally? What needs to be done to strip the paint off frame if it has powdercoat? Do you have any suggestions about this?
Thanks for the info guys. I am going to buy a digital camera and take pictures when I get started on this project. I will post them here and possibly on while I have them apart besides new bushings and bearings etc. can you suggest anything else I might do to them. Thanks!
gusset the frame behind the lower a-arm mounts in front of the motor, along with dontblinktony, we've seen about 2-3-maybe 4 frames, all of them kracked at the same place every time, its just a precautionary measure, and would be great to do before you get the frame PC'ed
Thanks Guys, I will add that to my list of to do things. any other ideas would be appreciated as well. who makes the best nerf bars with heel protection?
I was thinking about Moose ones like I have on my Honda TRX 450 Sportrax that I bought from Dennis Kirk these ones on my Honda were $342.95 are black powder coated with heelguards and race pegs.