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Ok new to the forum so just a few questions for my son's 02 blaster and to my knowledge has an FMF power core II, ITP holeshots and ITP sandstars, K&N Filter. I dont know if there is any motor work. He's only 75lbs and beats his cousins 300ex all day long, but cant come close to my Kawi Z400 when it was stock. Oh yeah this is during sand drag races in the dunes (Glamis, Pismo) and we ride mostly in the sand. Keeping in mind California only has 91 oct pump and I do want to run race gas if at all possible.

1. Can I put my KFX400 Mikuni Carb 36mm on it? I believe the stock blaster carb is 26 or 28mm.

2. What mods can should I get with say $1000 budget?

3. What mods should I start with if I have to build up the motor slowly?

4. Cheapest mod to begin with

I can do alot of the motor work myself except port/polish where a local shop can do it. (guys at the shop have over 30 years experience and do many of the mods for the dealers in town)
Thanks for the help!
Deff have it ported, head shaved to keep it on pump gas, v force reeds, possibly a +3 stroker, an flywheel lightend, now if you do those you better invest in a +4 swinger unless you want him to wheelie around all day long which isnt that fun when you try racing.
what are these +1,+2,+3,+4 swingers?..Im new to the blaster field and im tryin to figure all this stuff best suit my needs and goals with my blaster..
get an extended swinger proally round +2 +3
p and p job (pm eviltwin on everything2stroke for prices, Flotec)
get v force 3 reeds
maybe +3 up 1 a arms on ebay u can get them cheap
bigger carb
lighten the flywheel
+3 stroker

you can get race gas in cali. Its easy but sometimes, like on holiday weekends you had better already had a stock of it in the garage. Some 76 stations carry race fule out of a huge barrel. or check to see if there is a cycle gear near you they carry VP race fule.

Your carb can probablly fit.

my 2 cents sell that FMF and get an LRD, CT, or Paul Turner pipe and silencer. factory 7 is also pretty good from what I hear (I even think its made by CT, not sure though)

Get an aluminum air box, they are like only $150 or so. Reed spacer $35-40. port and polish for sure. you can have your flywheel lightend for like $40 (lots of controversy over this one though)
Also a hotwires and profire ignition coil is a good mod to look into. a larger fule petcock if your going to get larger carb, which you should weather you use the one off the kawi or not.
if you decide to tear the engine apart you might as well go with a big bore
and youre of course going to want a big pipe. if you run race gas you can advance your timing and get a little extra power check out vitos performance
they got all kinds of go fast parts for blasters
Caution on the side of advancing your timing. If your good at tunning go for it, its just you really need to know what your doing.

quote from "trengaracing"

After a year + in developement with our friends at Pro Design, we can now offer those of you running race gas a "Real" Blaster Timing product. As you can see by the picture, you will have the ability to Advance OR Retard your timing by incriments of "1" Degree at a time. The affect will be not just an increase in HP, but having it come on as the curve increase kicks in. We make it clear that this product is NOT going to be sold to anyone with anything less than a 28 mm Flat Side carb running a min. of 108 Race Gas. This product requires re-wiring of your existing stock stator and is a very technical product. You must have a clear understanding of carb jetting as you will have to RE-Jet your carb for this product to work properly without leaning out your motor. Because of this, there will be NO Warranty, expressed or implied, as to the results obtained. As a rule, we don't endorse or condone messing with the stock Blaster ignition, (which is from the 70's), especially the use of Timing Keys which are overpriced, unrelaible and a Band-Aid approach to guessing what amount of timing you are changing. The Adjustable Timing Plate was designed for the seriously modified engine that can take advantage of what it can do
just to let you know if i understand you correct, you can not use a 4 stroke carb on a 2 stroke. tottaly different porting and jetting. 4 stroke eng only gas runs trough the carb and 2 eng you have gas and oil running trough it. you can try it but probably give you more probs than its worth.
wow, this thread is almost 2 years old. I think the guy probably got everything figured out by now. Remember to look at the date of the posts before posting a reply