Admin Please help


Aug 9, 2011
Fremont OH
Ok has been a while since i have been on and looks like a lot has changed. I am unable to PM any one including admins, I do not see a button any where. Also I am unable to post to wanted page even though I have over 300 posts and have been a member for a long time and have supported the forum in the past.

Please have a admin message me. I can reply to sale items and wanted items but not post and I need a few thins to get back on a blaster, Mine has been down for over a year.
hey man, good to see you back around !

Pm's are now called conversations.
you can start them 2 ways....

1. by clicking anyones name under their avatar, then click "start conversation" in the drop box that opens

NOTZ 2.jpg

2. on their profile page, click the "information" tab, and it's under there
NOTZ 3.jpg

i'll direct cbaber to this thread to handle your forum privileges problems
Something is not working again. It wont let me post in for sale. Also When I go to your profile there is nothing there to PM you or start a conversation. What am I doing wrong?

@dnoftz See here for more info about sending individual messages to other users:

If you follow the link in that post to membership types, it will also explain the path for established members (which you should be by now;) ).