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Apr 1, 2007
BlasterForum.com is an active Yamaha Blaster and related ATV community, as we all know. One thing that not everyone may know is that this forum allows us, as members, to add to other members? ?Rep,? which means reputation.

Here?s how it works:
When a member posts something that is useful to you and helps you in a way related to this forum and your ATV, you should consider adding to his or her ?Rep.? The reputation system is built specifically for this reason. Let?s say there?s a REALLY helpful member who always gives EXCELLENT advice; however, he has no reputation points. This means that new members or members not familiar with him or his posts will not know how reliable he is. Reputation points add trust and confidence in a member.

So you are encouraged to begin adding rep from now on!
See the image below to understand more:

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Yep you can add rep to anyone for anything. You can also take rep from them. You have to have a certain number of posts to be able to rep someone. Also, your rep power is low at first, but grows as you are here longer and make more posts. So get repping.