450r shock


Aug 24, 2007
I know the 400ex rear shock will fit with some minor moding, but will the 450r rear shock fit? It looks the same as the 400ex so i think it will, but I'm not sure.
yes it will be the same tweeking to make the 450r shock fit as the 400ex but they are not the same,the 450r as a bigger shaft in the middle and is not valved the same it is more hard on a blaster stick with 400ex or z400 thats will do the trick!!
i have a mate with one on his blaster its really good he has it revalved but was hard to get on the 400 rear shocks work better and fit more easy but if you want your blaster to stay the same hight get the 450r rear shock
stick with the 400ex rear.. the 450 will be to stiff.. I have the 400ex shock set up on the softest setting and its still a bit on the stiff side.. so rite off the bat id asume the 450 shock will be to harsh..
Yeah i know the 450r shock is a lot stiffer than the 400. My friend just accidentally bought one brand new for his yfz and said i could have it for 20 bucks. I have no idea how he ended up with a 450r shock though...dumbass.
yeah..450r racing ...its pretty much a racing shock...stiff shock so u bend to the turns as much as a standard all purpose shock would... and thats why the shaft is bigger -- also to be stronger, but they aren't forgiving at all..plus the 450r is alot heavier, so it does squish it down a lil bit